Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Paws Crossed For Snickers

Snickers had a seizure
and so I am crossing my paws for her
and for No More Seizures!
Paws crossed
while awake:

Paws crossed
while asleep:

Belated Thank You to Koobie for the Prizies

Do you remember this lovely hat picture of me?

Well I won a prize for it in Koobie's Easter Bonnet Contest way back in April. It took awhile for the prize to get to us, mostly because of Momma being so slow in sending our address to Koobie. Momma says it was Canada Post that was slow but we don't think so......

Then of course we went into lockdown while Momma went on Va-CAT-ion!


Well when we came home from lockdown

there was a package for us
and guess who it was from?


And guess what was in it?

These toys:

And this treat:

I quickly took custody
of the wonderful spiral pizzle
and I must say


It was so good in my tummy!!


Nikki quickly took custody
of the little stuffy bone
(that's okay - I can share )
and she proceed to de-squeek it!

She really likes little stuffy toys that squeek
( or don't squeek)!

Oh oh, she has competition.
Meeko likes it too!

Now Nikki has decided to hide it from Meeko.

Can you find it?

Friday, 20 June 2008

Hi it's Nikki here.
I'm all dressed up in my blue hat for Blue's Ladies Day Royal Ascot Pawty. Don't I just look pwetty?

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Can You Even Believe This?? We Can Not!!!

All of us doggies (Casper, Buddy, Nikki and Meeko too) have at some time in our lives been in a dog shelter. We thought that shelters were places that were doing their best to help doggies move on in our lives and find Furever Homes. We know that we among are the lucky ones because we found our Forever Home !

Well after we read this we are kind a in shock. What do you think?

Mayor Orders Dogs Released Into Forest

Reported by: Betsey Martin, KARK 4-News
Friday, Jun 13, 2008 @03:00pm CST

You've heard it before.....Arkansas animal shelters struggling to take care of unwanted dogs and cats. One mayor has decided the best way to fix the problem in his town is to set the animals free. KARK visited the Helena-West Helena animal shelter back in January. Conditions were dirty and animals were in poor health. Thursday, KARK learned the town's mayor James Valley has taken the unconventional approach of releasing the animals into the wild. In a press release, the mayor says "we fed and watered them and took them to the St. Francis National Forest."
We're told about ten dogs, including several pit bulls were set free and that some of the dogs were sick.

Here is Wednesday's news release from Mayor Valley:Ladies and Gentlemen: This morning we began the process of dealing with our animal shelter problem. I have met, today, with Ms. Gloria Higginbotham. She is heading up a committee to create a county-wide animal shelter and perhaps with the participation of all governmental units, we can provide the kind of facility that will be deemed appropriate. In the mean time, we are or have released all but a few our those animals heretofore housed at the sanitation shop. We fed and watered them and took them to the St. Francis National Forest and released them to freedom. We are disassembling the pens or fences and will not any longer house or keep any of these animals. This problem is dogging us and taking away from our ability to focus on the greater good for the community as a whole. One of our animal control officers has been to the hospital three times in as many months. Twice for bites and once for a severally sprain ankle growing out of incidents with these animals. When Ms. Higginbotham's full plan is revealed, I plan to support it and assist her and the group in caring for our animals. I just wanted to let you know.
James F. Valley
Doggies dumped in the forest by Animal Control and it was done under the direction of the mayor!
Can this really be true?

Friday, 13 June 2008


I bet you think they are some lovely pictures of me- Casper!
But no you would wrong....
These are some wonderful pictures of our new foster dog
I'll let him introduce himself here:

Hi I'm Meeko and I'm about 1 year old. I'm quite energetic and sometimes quite excitable. Because of this my foster mom says that I need plenty of exercise and gentle discipline to keep me happy. I really am a very happy boy! I really like going for walks and I can walk without pulling on the leash. I'm thinking that I would like jogging even better. I also know how to sit, lie down and shake a paw. I come quickly when called. I am working on some more things like learning to stay and not to jump up on people. I am currently staying at my foster home with 3 other dogs. I am getting along great with them after having a slow introduction. Sometimes I am not so sure about other dogs that I don't know, so my foster mom is working with me on that too. I love to cuddle, be petted and lean up against my foster mom. Since I'm part American Eskimo I also just love to leave long white hairs on people's clothing. Ha ha ha - It's just something that all of us Eskies do so you will remember us! I also am very good at jumping and can easily jump over a short fence so a 6 foot fence is a must or I must always be on a lead when outside. I am housetrained and crate trained as well. However, my foster mom can leave me out in the house while she goes to work because I am well behaved in the house. I sleep on the floor beside my foster mom's bed although I really would prefer to sleep on the bed with her. I love to play with stuffed toys, play tug and chase after dog toys. I have not been tested yet to see how I am with cats or young children. However my foster mom thinks that because of how excited I sometimes get that I probably would like to chase cats and may be too much for little kids. I'll let you know how it goes once I meet some cats and kids. I'll soon have all my vaccinations, be neutered and microchipped too. So if you are interested in adopting me please fill out an application. I would love to meet you! Adoption Application

Isn't he a cutie?

The Answer To Where Momma was on Va-CAT-ion is...

Yay Sparky - you guessed correctly!!!

But it is a very special place in Mexico called Rancho La Puerta. It is a " Destination Spa" - a mind , body , spirit kind of place. 'The Ranch' as they call it in short form is a pawsome place full of numerous positive things like rest, relaxation, exercise, meditation, hiking, yoga, pilates, massages, body wraps, gourmet food, hot tubs, swimming pools (and yes sometimes even movie stars... although Momma didn't see any).
There is so much to do there that it is impossible to do it all. It just goes on and on. Momma says it is totally pawsome.
We think it would even be better if it allowed doggies - especially us !
Oh well!

Here are some more pictures. Enjoy!

If you want to see more pictures of The Ranch check this out :

Monday, 9 June 2008

Can You Guess Where Momma Went On VaCATion?

Here are some hints. Can you guess where she went and what she was doing? (besides petting kitties).

Hi all DWB friends,

So as I said we went into lockdown and Momma went on Va-CAT-ion. Now at first I thought it was just a regular vacation, but then I realized it was actually a Va-CAT-ion when I found these pictures on her camera. See the proof is here. What do you think of that? We are in lockdown and she is visiting and taking pictures of cats!!


Friday, 6 June 2008

Were Back!

Hi all doggies, kitties, hammies and wheelies (LOL),
I can't believe it has been almost a whole month since I blogged. So much has happened!
Here are some tidbits. We will blog on the details later.
- We went into lockdown for awhile.
- Momma went on vaCATion. Did it really involve cats? Momma says yes. Hey no fair!
- We went to an agiltiy trial.
- We got some agility ribbons. Yay!
- And we have a new foster dog living with us too!

Sorry, no time for details now.
Gotta go