Saturday, 22 August 2009

More Road Trip Pics!

After the Eskie Picnic we continued on our vacation.

While we were in Minneapolis, Momma went to see a big cherry on a spoon.


They wouldn't let us doggies in :((

Do you were they afraid we were going to eat the cherry?

...No, it is much too big.


This is a horse that looks like it's made of wood but it really is made from tin.


This is Chanel who we met at the Eskie Picnic.

She took us to the dog beach the next day.


Nikki likes the beach.


It was so hot we had to move into the shaded grass area.

Oh that's so much better!


Here we are enjoying a chew treat.

Clockwise from left: Casper, Chanel, Nikki


It's tiring after a long day at the beach.

Let's see- one bed for Casper.


One bed for Nikki.

But where's Momma going to sleep?


The next stop was Sioux Falls, SD


The rocks are actually clay red but it doesn't show on Momma's camera.


We posed on the rocks for pictures.



Then Momma went to the butterfly garden without us !

Over 800 exotic butterflies and Momma got to see some coming out of their cocoons.

See some butterflies at

The blue butterflies are the most spectacular!


The next day we were on the road again.

Nikki was in charge of the maps.


It's a tiring job!


Casper was the backseat driver.

He kept an eye over everything.


Every few hours we would find a nice place to stop and have a stretch.

Awwww - that's so much better!




That's it for now. We will have more roadtrip pics later.

Woofs, Casper and Nikki

PS Buddy and Pixie got left at home. Ha ha ha ha

Saturday, 15 August 2009

A Minnesota Eskie Picnic Video!

Here is a video that Momma put together of the 2009 Minnesota American Eskimo Picnic.

Can you find us?

Couldn't find us huh?

That's okay Momma's not quite sure where we are in there either! LOL

Friday, 14 August 2009

Were Back!!!!

Well we are back from our road trip! We have stories and have lots of pictures to share.

Yes, Hana you guessed right!

Our first destination was the annual American Eskimo Picnic held in Minneapolis, Minn at Gary and Stacy's house. And what fun it was!

Over 35 people, 57 American Eskimos, 1 white husky (that fit right in) and 2 shelties that stuck out in a sea of white fluffy dogs. ;)

Here are a sampling of pictures (more to come in later posts).

And back at the hotel afterwards where Nikki is having trouble staying awake.

More pictures to come...

Saturday, 1 August 2009

OMD- You Won't Believe It! (aka The Blue Box Part 2)

Momma actually did take us with her on a road trip! Just me (Nikki) and Casper. We both didn't fit into the blue box so she let us just ride in the car.

We are having a big adventure. We will be posting more later.

Woofs, Nikki