Monday, 11 June 2007

A Note from Casper

Hello all our doggie friends,

Thank -you for all your expressions of concern regarding our last post. I have slipped this note to a friendly guard from the other side. As you can see from our post on Wordless Wednesday we were taken captive and put in a Mexican jail. Apparently our crime has something to do with grass. We were all minding our own dogginess chewing on one of our favorite natural outdoor treats , quack grass when we were captured and accused of possession of some other kind of grass???? We are unsure of what this other kind of grass is, but we suggest all other doggies stay away from it as it can really get you into some trouble!! We have tried and tried to escape and have been unable to. Even Buddy can not find a way out and he is the "doggie escape artist" of the family.

The DOG CROSS has been here to visit us and are ensuring that we get more than bread and water. Of course we all like bread, but a little variety is nice too. Our release is currently being negotiated by one of these fine pet lawyers and an Animal Rescue Organization. We are expecting to be released within a few days if all goes well!

Thank -you for all your kind thoughts and wishes,
Love Casper, Buddy and Nikki