Thursday, 2 October 2008


Hi DWBers,

Yes, it's me Meeko.
Some of you are very astute and have noticed Casper signing my name once again on the posts he has made on your bloggies. Yes I'm back!!

I am once again hanging out with Casper, Buddy, Nikki and Foster Momma. I was adopted on a temporay basis for a trial period. However it didn't go through for several reasons. Foster Momma does not want to go into all the details here as the internet makes it a small world, but she will let some of you know if you e-mail us directly.
Anyways the rescue group that owns me decided to withdraw the offer to adopt me out to that particular person.
Several things did not go well and now that I am back with Foster Momma she is saying I am quite misbehaved.
Could it be true?
What do you mean ?
Apparently I'm now doing a whole bunch of things that I didn't do when Foster Momma had me before.
What do you mean I'm not supposed to do the following things:
I'm not supposed to pull on the leash?
I'm not supposed to jump up all over people? (Well I used to do that a bit before, you know)
I'm not supposed to ignore Foster Momma when she says 'sit' ?
I'm not supposed to take a flying leap on to the back of the couch and run across the back of Foster Momma's neck then jump down and continue racing on my way? (but it's so fun!!)
I'm not supposed to poop in the house?
Okay so this might explain why since I've been back it feels like drill camp!
To end this behavior Foster Momma has implemented the following:
-A crating schedule
-obedience practice
-socialization to other dogs.
Foster Momma, it's just that all the moving from one place to another and different people looking me and different rules have me so confused....
I promise to be a good Eskie and work on better behavior from now on!
Woofs and Eskie kisses from Meeko