Saturday, 29 November 2008

Momma's Been Busy Playing Muscial Dogs

Musical Dogs
What do ya mean?
Could it be piano playing dogs?

Maybe Ipod loving dogs?

(but boy is he a cutie)
Maybe instead of musical dogs
it's a doggie musical?

How about
Dogs The Musical ?

What then?
How is Momma playing 'musical dogs?
Well it goes like this:
Momma is the volunteer Foster Home Coordinator at a doggie rescue and soon it will be Xmas.
So Momma needs to make arrangements to move doggies around 'cause the foster people are going away for Xmas and their foster doggies need to go somewhere.
We told Momma that maybe all the foster doggies could come and stay with us.
Really, what's another 7 or 8 doggies visiting? But Momma said no way!
So here is how it's (hopefully) gonna work:
First of all a new Shih Tzu named Cuddles is coming in sometime soon and Momma will have to find a temporary foster home for him to go to till we can arrange for him to go to his new foster home in another city.
Then Momma is going to arrange for Yellow Buddy to stay at a foster home that doesn't have kids as he is not good with kids and there will be kids coming for Xmas to his current foster home.
But the foster home that Yellow Buddy is going to over Xmas is already fostering Mojo and temporarily fostering Chip, Tiara AND Roxy.
So Momma is arranging for Chip, Tiara and Roxy to all go to new foster homes till they are adopted.
Which is great but Tiara's new foster home is also going away for Xmas and so Momma is arranging for a different foster home to take Tiara while Tiara's new foster people are away.
And then there are the puppies Skittle and Hershey. They are currently in 2 separate foster homes and Momma is arranging for them to be fostered somewhere too while each of their foster home people are away.
Got that all straight??
And what have we been doing
while Momma has been on the phone
and computer playing musical dogs?
We will show you:
Hanging out.



All that musical doggies has us very tired!

PS If you want to see Yellow Buddy, Mojo, Chip, Tiara, Roxy, Skittle and Hershey go here

See ya.