Sunday, 24 May 2009

We Napped And When We Awoke Something Really Weird Happened....


turned into this

Shall we explain?

Well Momma (and us doggies) have been fostering Ditto a young German Shorthaired Pointer for about 3 months now. Ditto sure has come a long way. When she first came to our house Ditto hid in the corner scared and shaking. Poor girl! Who even knows what she had been through! It was clear that she had not been socialized nor had she even been taught any of the doggie basics. She was scared of everything.

We do know that she had been given away on Kijiji and had at least 2 owners (likley more) in her young time before she came to New Hope Dog Rescue. She was so scared when she came to our house that she wouldn't drink, eat or even pee for the first 24 hours. All she did was hide in the corner.

So Momma started out by just leaving a bowl of food, some treats and a bowl of water for her. Everytime Momma walked by she talked really sweet to Ditto and eventually Ditto figured Momma was okay and allowed Momma to pet her.

Since then Momma has been very busy helping Ditto to no longer be scared of everyone and everything and it has worked! Ditto is now a fun loving, really active girl. Sometimes she still gets a little nervous but most of the time she is active, happy, excited with life and fun loving. Her most favorite thing in the world is to carry around her squeeky tennis ball and squeak, squeek, squeek then toss and run after it, retrieving it only to repeat this endlessly.

So while us doggies napped Ditto went to stay at a new foster home. Even in the first few minutes she was doing really well. She played and let her new foster mom and dad pet her and she even played with one of the cats.

Bye bye Ditto -
We hope you like your new foster home!
We will see you at the off leash dog park soon.
Momma is a little sad but also happy at how well you have done. :)

Then Momma brought us a home new foster dog. Guess what? She's as small as Nikki and she looks alot like Nikki and me (Casper). Her name is Pixie.

Hi Pretty Pixie!

Momma says Pixie has some "issues". I guess we will find out more about that later.

See ya... woofs