Sunday, 6 December 2009

Our Two Foster Doggies- Jazzy and Bailey

This is our foster dog Bailey. He is a real sweetie. Bailey is an American Eskimo cross. He is quite a small dog. Bailey has been staying with us for about a month now. Momma sometimes calls him Bay or Bay-Bay. He loves to wrestle and play with us and Jazzy. He also loves to cuddle with our Momma. He is very attached to Momma.

Here is his Petfinder link Bailey went on a trial visit for adoption. Hopefully it works out for him. Here are some pictures of Bailey.

Below are pictures of Jazzy, our other foster dog. Jazz has been with us for about 3 months. She is a bundle of energy. She can run circles around us all. Jazzy can manage a day at doggie day care and then have tons of energy left for the Off leash Dog Park or a run with her volunteer jogger.
Here are some pictures of Jazzy:

Here are Jazzy and Bailey together in the yard.

Last week I noticed Jazzy walking on 3 legs, holding her left hind leg up. Then she started sitting in the yard and refusing to walk. So into the Vet we went. Turns out she pulled her Achilles tendon at the insertion site to the calcaneous (heel).
She had surgery on her leg a couple days ago. She is now sporting a lovely bright red wrap on her leg to hold the splint on and a lovely cone on her head. She is getting medication for pain and to decrease inflammation. Vets orders are to also decrease activity. No running, no jumping, no wrestling. Lots of crate rest. FOR TWO MONTHS!
Oh my dog, it's gonna be a long two months!
Woofs from Casper, Buddy, Nikki and foster dogs Jazzy and Bailey