Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Our Foster Dogs

My mama likes to foster dogs. She volunteers with New Hope Dog Rescue. At one time all of us (me, Buddy and Nikki) were rescues too, but mama found us and took us home. Now we foster other dogs who are waiting for their furever homes. We show them the ropes. Like I show them where the best places to nap are. Nikki shows them how to be on guard for that pesky mailman and how best to growl and bark so he goes away real fast! Buddy likes to show the new foster dogs how to wrestle and play, and sometimes he'll even show them the fine art of bolting out the front door and going for a fun run!!

This is Winnie, our current foster dog. She is a 7 year old german shepard cross. She is looking for a new home. She was found running loose in the country and was going to be PTS ( not quite sure what that is but we just know it is something bad!!) You can find out more about her at Petfinders

Here she is showing how she can sit for a treat! Winnie loves treats!!

And Winnie just loves to shake a paw. The first thing she did when she met our mama is to sit down and shake a paw! Now how's that for manners?


Before Winnie we had Benny staying with us. Benny is a border collie/ rough collie/? greyhound cross. He had spent most of his life of nine months being tied up in a backyard with noone to play with him :( He was real skinny and when the other dog in the house had puppies the people decided they didn't want Benny anymore :((( A neighbor rescued him and then he came to us. He stayed with us for about 3 weeks in December/06. His pictures don't do him any justice. He found a great home with a couple and 1 other dog who he just loves to play with. No more being tied in a backyard for him!! Benny is now living the good life! He now lives on an acerage AND he goes to agility, obedience and doggie daycare. What a lucky guy!! We are so happy Benny found a great home!!! He deserves it.


This is Max. He was our very first foster dog. He stayed with us for about a month. Max is a Shiba Inu/ Husky cross. he lost his first home because the couple broke up and neither could keep him. Max is very active and loves to always be playing. Max found a home with a family that has 2 kids for him to play with. He frequently goes for walks now and gets to run alongside a bike when the family goes bike riding.

Isn't he just a cutie?

Most of all Max loves to play fetch!!! Doesn't he look happy with his tennis ball?

Gotta go now. Woof woof!

PS Mommy's favorite saying is:

"Saving just one dog won't change the world, but surely the world will change for that one dog"