Thursday, 12 April 2007

Our Friend Casper is sick

He is another American Eskimo who lives in the United States, but he has the same name as me. Isn't that cool? He is 5 years old and has Evans syndrome. It is a problem with his blood. We all have our paws crossed and are sending him eskie kisses and hugs to help him get better soon. You can see his dog blog at Casperddog . You can also help raise money for Casper's medical bills by clicking on the google ads on his site. But don't click on too many at a time. Just click on one, then read up on it and then maybe click on another one and read on it too. Then you can do it again another day. And who knows you may also find some neat stuff to get your mom to buy for you. We found our favorite treats, and at a cheaper price!

Talking about neat stuff- boy, that Casper is one cool dude! Besides having a GREAT NAME ;) he also sells his own cool doggie stuff at Casper n Caboodle . So go check it out. I'm thinking of buying some eskie stuff from there myself! I bet that would also help with some of Casper's medical bills. Well hang in there Casper, we are all thinking of you!