Saturday, 22 September 2007

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs Everywhere!

Hi Doggies, Winnie blogging here,

We were so busy on Family Friday that we couldn't even post, so I'm gonna post today for Family Friday even though it's Saturday.

Well there has been doggies , doggies, doggies everywhere here lately! My Foster Momma is very busy with New Hope Dog Rescue and so we had 2 more dogs staying with us for awhile. That made a total of 6 of us doggies in the house (and one was a puppy). Things were really busy around here. The 2 other foster doggies came in from a town about 2 hours away from here and were staying with us until they each went to their new foster homes.

Sheena only stayed with us for the day. She is a Border Collie cross who is BALL- CRAZY !!! She is actually bigger than she looks in this picture, but she is quite a bit smaller than the average Border Collie.

So Sheena went to her foster home and then got into a fight with their dog (over a ball- of course!!) and so my Foster Momma had to find a new foster home for her to stay at. Foster Momma was pretty stressed about this for a while there, 'cause it's not always that easy to find another foster home ASAP, but in the end it all worked out. So now Sheena is at the new foster home and is doing very well. She's really happy 'cause there are 2 kids who can throw the ball for her over and over - and that's what Sheena loves!

The other doggie was a puppy who was here for 4 days, until her new foster home people could come and pick her up. Her name is Lily and she was only 3 months old. Foster Momma thinks she is a real cutie. What do you think?

She is pretty small 'cause she was very sick with parvo and almost died. She was nursed back to health by a wonderful Vet and then came to us while waiting to go to her foster home. Foster Momma says Lily is a real sweetie. She loves to cuddle up to Foster Momma's neck. Lily also loves to wrestle and play with Nikki but Casper and Buddy didn't really want to play with her
'cause she has razor sharp puppy teeth. And well since I'm an old girl, I don't really go for all those puppy antics, (nor that active ball-crazy dog either), so I would just growl at either of them if they came to close to me. Foster Momma was not to happy about that and kept sending me off to be by myself. I was in the "doghouse" so to speak. :((

Anyways , I am now happy to report that both Sheena and Lily are now at their new foster homes and life has settled back to just the 4 of us doggies around here. I think Foster Momma and Nikki will miss Lily the puppy but I sure won't! ;)
See ya doggies,
Woofs from Winnie