Saturday, 8 September 2007

Family Friday

Hi doggies,
Buddy blogging here. Just thought I would show you some cool pictures from when we went swimming at Bays Waterpaws Canine Aquatic Center which is a special doggie swimming pool in our city. Momma is taking us there to swim 'cause she wants us to be more comfortable swimming.
So here are some pictures.

Here I am swimming in my lifejacket with the nice lady helping me.

And here is proof that I don't need a lifejacket to go swimming!

I look very serious about this swimming stuff!

Here's Casper in his lifejacket.

And here he is swimming without it.

Here is Nikki. She is quite scared of the water, so she kept her lifejacket on. Smart girl!

But Winnie loves the water so she didn't need a lifejacket at all.

Look at that smile!

This time Momma stayed out and took the pictures but next time we are gonna make her come in with us!
Bye Bye,
Hope you enjoyed our Family Friday pictures!
Woofs Buddy