Friday, 5 October 2007

Agility Is Fun!

Hi Doggies and GG , it's Nikki here.

It's Family Friday so today I get to blog. We've been doing a lot of agility lately. We all take agility lessons and practice and Casper and Buddy have been going to agility trials. They have even gotten some ribbons too. I am the official cheerleader. Here are some pictures of us doing agility.

Here I am at the top of the A - Frame

And on the Dog Walk.

Buddy can do the teeter all by himself.
Casper and I are scared of the teeter now.
We both used to be able to do it but we each did a 'fly-off' the end.
(Momma didn't tell us that we couldn't fly!)

Here's Buddy at the top of the A- Frame.

And doing a perfect 2 on-2 off touch on the contact.
What a show -off!

Wow - look at Casper come running out of that tunnel!

Casper sure is having fun - just look at his smile!

Well see ya doggies. Have a great weekend!