Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Pet Expo

Hi doggies, It's Buddy blogging here.

I just want to tell you about our really fun weekend. We spent most of our time at Pet Expo.

There were all sorts of animals and people there. Even a whole bunch of llamas-like about 20. I was very interested in meeting the llamas but Momma said "No" :((

There were also llamas vs the dogs agility competitions, but Momma wouldn't let us enter.
: (( :(( Apparently she had to be sure that we would not bark or run at the llamas and she just couldn't be sure of that. Us bark and run?? Never !! hahaha

Oh well, we got to do tons of other stuff instead. Winnie spent a whole bunch of time at the New Hope Dog Rescue booth and she even met some people who may be interested in adopting her. Keep you paws crossed for Winnie.

Casper and Nikki got to go into the Parade of Breeds since they are purebreed American Eskimo Dogs. They walked around the ring while the commentater was explaining all about Eskies. And guess what Casper did???? He got his nervous, excitable stomach going and decided he needed to take a poop right in front of everyone! And Momma had just taken him outside where he had gone too. Momma was very embarassed! Oh well!

I got to do agility demos. In the first one Momma got mixed up in the course and went the wrong way! Momma what were you doing? In the second agility demo, I wanted to make it up to Momma since she was embarrassed by Casper's pooping episode, so I thought I should get the crowd laughing a bit. I decided the best way to do this would be to go running off the agiltiy course and land in the lap of a nearby child. WOW- IT WORKED !! The crowd laughed and laughed - they just loved me! Even Momma was laughing as she came into the audience to get me. It was so much fun! I think I'm destined for comedy ;)
We have all been very tired since the weekend and have been sleeping alot. Events like this can really tire a doggie out.
See ya,