Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Defective E- Cards- Part 2

Okay, here's the poop. Apparently SOME of our E- Cards came through showing the picture while OTHER E-Cards are only showing a red X. The Head Elf In Charge of E-cards (aka Momma) has formulated a plan that has saved her from being fired. She will be arranging to send E-Cards through It's actually the exact same picture as we sent before but just sending it in a different way.

So PLEASE let us know if you recieved an E-Card with a picture that didn't come through. We will send you one the new way. We really want to send our Holiday Wishes out to all our Friends at DWB's.

PS-If this new way doesn't work we will be interviewing for a new person to fill the position of Head Elf In Charge of E-Cards and Momma will be looking for employment elsewhere!

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