Monday, 17 December 2007

Defective E- Cards and more...

Dear Doggies ,

We just recently sent out some of the DWB's Christmas Exchange cards as E- cards. Momma said we had to choose between sending out all real cards OR getting doggie treats for Christmas !! Imagine that ! Something about the "buggie -et". Whatever. Of course, since we are all obsessed with food, we decided get the treats at Christmas and therefore sent some doggies virtual cards. We admit to our treat addiction (hanging head in shame). They say admitting it is the first step.

Sweets has let us know that on her e-card the picture didn't come through. WHAT?? All I have to say is "bad, bad computer". We are working on fixing this situation. Please let us know if the same thing happened to your e- card.

We HOPE some of the E- cards worked or we may have to consider firing the "Head Elf In Charge of E-Cards" (aka Momma). Perhaps we will consider keeping her on if we find out that some E-Cards actually did work.

If you didn't recieve an e-card yet that probably means that Canada Post still has it's paws on your paper- type card. For that we take no responsibily. (Can't even blame the Head Elf for that one). Sometimes Canada Post likes to keep cards in it's paws for awhile. ;)

Hoping to remedy the situation,

Sincerely Casper, Nikki and Muddy Buddy ( aka Casper and Pals )