Friday, 25 January 2008

Agility Trial Tomorrow

Hi Everydoggie and GG,

Guess What? Tonight Momma, Buddy and me (Casper) are going to another city for an agility trial tomorrow. We have never done that before. All the agility trials we have done have been in our city or just outside our city. Guess what this means?

We get to stay in a hotel!!

Maybe this one:

Or this one:

Yay! That's new too. Us doggies have never stayed in a hotel before either!! We are very excited doggies.

Momma has told us that we have to be very good. No barking-------------WHAT ?? NO BARKING??? BUT WE ARE DOGS, MOMMA. WE LOVE TO BARK!!!.....

Okay Momma, no barking inside the hotel.

And Momma says we are staying with another lady and her Porguegese Water Dog, so we must be well behaved.

Okay, Momma, we will behave.

And Momma also says that we really have to do our best at the agility trial. This is a team trial. It is sort of like a relay. First one agility handler and doggie run the course and then the other agility handler and doggie run the course. We get a combined score. Momma says that if we mess up,it also affects the other doggies score too. Oh oh I guess that means no ZOOMIES for me! And no running off into the corners to sniff at things for Buddy.

Okay Momma we will try our best.

We will tell Momma to take lots of pictures with her new camera and when we get back we can post all about it.

Nikki has to stay home. Momma says she barks too much to stay in a hotel, and besides Nikki doesn't go into agility trials. Nikki gets to go and stay at Jo's house. Nikki loves it there because there are lots and lots of toys and other doggies to play with. So she will have a great time too.

See ya when we get back!!

Woofs Casper