Friday, 18 January 2008

Rest Easy Brandi

Momma has been too upset to do this post so I decided to do it for her. She crys everytime she talks about it.

We had to say goodbye to Brandi last week. Momma took Brandi to be peacefully euthanized on Jan 9/08 at 2:15 pm. This decision had to be made after she repeatedly and viciously attempted to attack a dog trainer. The dog trainer did not get hurt, but that was only because of the trainer's extensive experience in dealing with dogs with issues. If Brandi had managed to hurt this trainer it would have been a very severe injury. Brandi had also previously bit someone else and it was clear that she had no bite inhibition. This decision had to be made because Brandi was not safe to be adopted out to anyone. Even Momma was afraid of Brandi after she saw what happened.

Momma explained to us that is was not Brandi's fault. No one took the time to socialize her when she was younger. Most likely she was removed from her momma dog and littermates early. No one took the time to socialize her or teach her manners, good dog behavior, or obedience. We believe she was mostly left out in a yard. She even had a litter of puppies when she was very young herself because she had not been spayed.

We want to know why do people get dogs if they are not going to be responsible dog owners? It makes Momma very angry and we just don't understand it.

Brandi did have many good quailities too and that's what made it really hard for Momma.

Brandi we will remember the good things about you:

You were such a cutie. Such a pretty girl.
You ran and played like a big huge puppy.
When it was time to go outside you would pick up a toy as you ran to the door and you would carry it outside with you.
You loved to be outside in the snow running around with one of your favorite stuffed toys in your mouth.
You were such a happy girl playing with your toys.
You loved to pick up a toy and toss it and then go and get it yourself. You would endlessly repeat this play.

We are so sorry Brandi. Rest Easy. Run and play at the Rainbow's Bridge.

Momma has decided to take a bit of a break from fostering. She says this one was just too hard. We will take care of Momma. When she cries we will cuddle with her and Nikki will lick her tears.

Woofs from Casper, Buddy and Nikki