Thursday, 17 April 2008

Buddy Becomes A Pet Therapy Dog!

Hi everydog (and some kitties and hammies too),

It's me-Buddy

Guess what I did last week? I went on my 1st Pet Therapy visit. Momma has been wanting to do Pet Therapy for a long time. She even made Casper and I get our CGN (which stands for Canine Good Neighbour). It's a test of how well I behave and listen to her and she wanted to make sure we had it before we started going out on visits.

So she arranged for just the 2 of us (Momma and me) to go visit some really nice elderly people in a nursing home. Ha ha - the eskies had to stay home. And boy did those people ever like me! Most of them had doggies during their lives and were really happy to visit with me and tell Momma and me stories about the doggies that they used to have.

I walked around and let them pet me. I sat on some people's laps and ate the doggie treats that Momma brought for them to give me. I showed them my tricks like shake a paw, play dead and roll over. It was fun , fun, fun.

We are gonna go visit every week, but couldn't this week as Momma was sick. Hurry up Momma get better! I have people to visit! Maybe I should show them some agility stuff next time. What do you think?

Woofs from Buddy