Sunday, 20 April 2008

Weather Warning

Guess what happened here? All our snow had melted and it was getting dry. Momma was happy 'cause there were no more wet muddy pawsies tracking mud into the house.

(Don't know who does that???)

We were all waiting for the grass to start turning green and all the flowers to start coming up. We were watching all the other doggies like Blue and Princess Isis who are posting lovely spring pictures of green grass and flowers. And then guess what?

This is what happened here.

OMD!! the Weatherman said we were gonna get 24 inches of the white stuff!

24 inches !!! We were worried for a while there. Buddy is the tallest of us three and he is only 16 inches to the shoulder!

Here Nikki ventures out to test the snow.

Luckily the good ole Canadian weatherman was wrong again and we only got 4 inches and most of that has melted away already

Nikki and I prefer not to get our pawsies wet so we are hanging out up on the deck where it is drier.

Now once it all melts we get to play in the mud again! Well really its only Buddy who likes to play in the mud.
Did you know that Momma calls him Muddy Buddy?