Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Belated Thank You to Koobie for the Prizies

Do you remember this lovely hat picture of me?

Well I won a prize for it in Koobie's Easter Bonnet Contest way back in April. It took awhile for the prize to get to us, mostly because of Momma being so slow in sending our address to Koobie. Momma says it was Canada Post that was slow but we don't think so......

Then of course we went into lockdown while Momma went on Va-CAT-ion!


Well when we came home from lockdown

there was a package for us
and guess who it was from?


And guess what was in it?

These toys:

And this treat:

I quickly took custody
of the wonderful spiral pizzle
and I must say


It was so good in my tummy!!


Nikki quickly took custody
of the little stuffy bone
(that's okay - I can share )
and she proceed to de-squeek it!

She really likes little stuffy toys that squeek
( or don't squeek)!

Oh oh, she has competition.
Meeko likes it too!

Now Nikki has decided to hide it from Meeko.

Can you find it?