Thursday, 11 December 2008

Thanks Poopsie Blue !!!

Hi doggies,

Do you remember our previous post on PAY IT FORWARD?

Well look what we received from Mr. Postman? Now we ususally don't like Mr. Postman and when we see or hear him coming we bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark ........ ( you get the idea- it drives Momma nuts ). Well Mr. Postman brought us this:

We were so excited.
We immediately knew it was for us!
How did we know?
Well there were 2 clues on the envelope.
Clue # 1
It says "Royal Mail" therefore it has to be for us doggies
- we are the only royalty in this house ;)

Clue #2

It says DOG TOYS !!!

And here they are:

A frisbee, a football that glows in the dark and a pretty flowered diary.

Nikki immediately took the football and won't let any other doggies play with it.

She just loves it.

Momma tried to teach me how to catch the frisbee but I just couldn't figure it out.
I kept looking inside it

So Momma put it on me as a necklace!
Hey I'm a boy dog.

Why does she like doing stuff like this?? :)
PS Thanks Poopsie !!
We are gonna let Momma use the pretty diary ;)