Friday, 6 March 2009

Buddy Gets 2 Q's In Rally-O

Hey it's Buddy here. Momma has been taking me to Rally-O class. It's a really fun type of obedience. I guess she wanted me to be more obedient and also to improve my behavior on the agility course. (Hey, what's wrong with running away and making up your own course at top speed- it get's lots of laughs) he he he

Well I did learn to heel and a bunch of other stuff. Momma and I liked it so we entered a CARO Rally-O trial. Guess what? I got 2 qualifying legs (Q's) toward my Novice Rally title. Here is a picture of me and my ribbons.

So now Momma and I are going to go to another trial in another city in 2 weeks to see if we can get the last Q towards the Rally Novice title.

We might take Casper, but it depends on if Momma practices with him first. He's kinda rusty (ha ha -not in color but in the brain). He hasn't done Rally for a long time. Casper is gonna start coming to Rally classes too.

Oh and I really must thank my Rally-O instructor who is Gio and Romeo's momma at
Life is Better With Sheltie Hair . She taught Momma and I lots of stuff!

We are gonna be missing Rally class this weekend as be will be doing agility agility agility! This weekend is the
Terry Simon's Agility Seminar

I'll have to report on that on Monday.

Woofs from Buddy