Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sunny Is On A Trial Adoption

Sunny (aka Sunny Bunny) is trying out a new adoptive home. She went there 2 nights ago. Sunny says she likes it there. Her new owner will be a young woman who lives with her parents. Sunny also has some new animal siblings- a huge friendly rotti named Ben and also 2 cats. One of the cats even came and gave her a kiss on the nose. The other one is still apparently hiding under the bed. Sunny really seems to like cats.

It sure is alot quieter around here without Sunny. Her motto is play, play play, and run, run, run and then wrestle, wrestle, wrestle and then bitey face, bitey face, bitey face... She even got me (Casper) wrestling again. Now that I've gotten older I usually don't do too much of that anymore. I prefer sofa surfing. LOL

Momma even thinks it's alot quieter too. She says no doggies are knocking over the garbage can or the footstool during our wrestling matches.

Momma will be checking in on Sunny Bunny in the next 2 weeks to see how she is doing in her new home. If all goes well her adoption will be finalized then.

Woofs, Casper