Sunday, 21 June 2009

Now I Am Truly A Hunter!

See how happy I am?

That's 'cause I became a REAL HUNTER yesterday.

*Momma says we have to give a warning about some gross pictures in this post.*

So if your people have a squeemish stomach, it's best they close their eyes while all you hunter doggies and kitties read this. For obvious reasons no hammies or their people should read this post either...

So we were at Rally-O practice at an outdoor field with our teacher from Life's Better With Sheltie Hair. and her doggies Gio and Romeo. There were lots and lots and lots of gophers. They are considered a nuisance because they ruin crops and dig holes. You can read more about gophers here.

After practice Momma let us off our leashes (except for Buddy who has his running away issues if you remember this post).

I saw a gopher in the distance and took off and someone yelled:

"Casper, Go get it".
So I did.
I ran way faster than I do in agility (where I pretend i don't know how to run fast) and I caught Mr McGopher!
I started shaking him and running back to Momma with my prize. She yelled "CASPER, YOU DROP IT- RIGHT NOW!" So I did drop it.
Well I was so pleased with myself. I came back to Momma and her friends with a big grin :))) . Everyone was killing themselves laughing. Momma laughed too but also had her hand on her head and was saying "Oh my God- I don't believe it". You see no one thinks I can run fast because I go so slow at agility.
At that point Nikki thought:

"Why abandon a good freshly killed gopher".

So she went running to it, picked it up and shook , shook, shook it. More laughter. More of Momma saying "Oh My God". Momma made her drop it too.

Then Momma got her camera and make me pose with my gopher kill but I was not allowed to touch it again.

Here I am trying to sneak in a quick sniff.

Here is Nikki with Mr. McGopher's blood on her cone.
Yes it's cone time again (more about that later).

And here is Mr. McGopher

After this Romeo followed me everywhere. I was his hero. He was so proud of me.

Here is where his Mom wrote all about it too.
And here is my new gopher song:

There was a go-fur here,
And a go-fur there,
Many, many go-furs everywhere...

Ole McGopher's in trouble now,
Casper's on his way ;)
Woof , woof!
Those who are not squeemish should see the post below this for an even grosser close up of Mr. McGopher. Be prepared!