Wednesday, 1 July 2009


It's Canada Day, and because you're a Canuck just like any other hoser in a tuque with a toonie, you can nab a double-double and chill out, or kick back with a brewski and Buffalo wings for some R'n'R, eh?


Did you get that or do you need a lesson in speaking Canadian?

Well here you go:


KD: a Canadian standard for kids and university students, Kd, a. k. a. "Kraft dinner" or "mac and cheese," is an instant macaroni and cheese product that sells for about $1 a box.

Double-double: Only at your local Timmy's (Tim Hortons), a coffee with double cream, double sugar is nicknamed a double-double.

Hoser: Calling someone a hoser is really just calling them a loser, a term made famous by those classic Canadian television brothers Bob and Doug McKenzie (check out the movie Strange Brew). In the old days, the term referred to the team that lost the hockey game and would have to hose down the rink.

Brewski: as if Canadians needed to further clarify how much they love their beer, they gave it an affectionate little nickname: a brewski.

Click: unlike in the U. S., where distance is measured in miles, Canadians go metric and use kilometres, which they casually call clicks.

Shlepping: To shlep is to move slowly or carry something clumsily; for example, "I shlepped my hair-dryer over from India to Canada only to discover there are different-sized electrical outlets here."


And here is more Canuck-Speak that we have added for your interest and fun:

Canuck- a nickname Canadians fondly use to call themselves

Loonie: $1 coin. We have no $1 bills anymore.

Toonie: $2 coin. We have no $2 bills anymore.

Ceasar: A tasty Canadian cocktail made of vodka, and Clamato juice with spices. Apparently it is an acquired taste (and Momma loves it ). See this post for more details.

Tuque: a knitted winter hat worn in winter to keep your head warm during the icy Canadian winters

Eh? a term Canadians tack on to the end of a statement or question as in "Nice weather- eh!" or "How's it going eh?"

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Happy Canada Day !
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