Thursday, 16 July 2009

Pets In the Park 2009

Hi doggies,

On this past Sunday I spent all day at Pets In The Park.

Momma only took me. Buddy, Nikki and Pixie all had to stay home. Ha ha ha.
It was a fun day.

Pets in the Park is a united initiave of 3 local animal groups: New Hope Dog Rescue, Saskatoon SPCA and SCAT Street Cat Rescue. The purpose is to have a fun day in the park with our animals and to raise money for these organizations to assist animals in need.

There were lots of trade booths and almost every both gave away doggie treats (yummy). There were demonstrations of flyball and rally-o, a silent auction, concession, entertainment, microchipping, and nail clipping and ear cleaning for dogs and lots more.
These are some of the people that were there:

There were all sorts of big dogs like big St. Bernards, Irish Wolfhounds, Great Pyerenes and this Afghan that posed for a picture.

There were medium sized dogs and there were also lots of tiny doggies like little yorkies, chihuahua's and these dachshaunds that were playing with the kids.

Gio and Romeo from Life Is Better With Sheltie Hair were there representing St John's Ambulance Therapy dogs.

This lab puppy was just too exhausted to stay awake for it all.

In addition to dogs there were also cats, ferrets and lizards present.

I got lots of treats, hugs and cuddles from many people. Here is a volunteer of New Hope Dog Rescue carrying me. I sure liked that!

I ate so many dog treats that my poop started to turn loose and green. Then Momma said "Casper, You are cut off! No more treats!
That's okay because I had already had lots ;)

I had so much fun and when I got home I was so tired I slept for almost a day straight!
It was grrrreat! I can't wait to go to Pets In the Park 2010 next year!
Woofs Casper