Saturday, 2 January 2010

Ten Resolutions For 2010

Our Momma says she doesn't do New Years resolutions anymore so we decided too do some instead. Momma has brought to our attention a few things that we need to improve upon in this next year. Here they are:

From Casper:

1. In 2010, I Casper will take my Momma to an off leash park at least 2 times a week. She really needs more exercise. Buddy and Nikki can come too.

2. In 2010, I Casper will lose some weight and help Momma lose some weight by taking Momma on a leashed walk at least 3 days a week even if it is just a short one around the block.

3. In 2010, I Casper will not eat frozen poopcicles and then come in to the house and try to kiss Momma. I will also tell Buddy not to do this either.

4. In 2010, I Casper will not eat holes in Momma's jacket or pants pockets in an attempt to get that last kibble, kibble crumb or treat if Momma happens to leave her jacket on the chair.

5. In 2010, I Casper will stop counter surfing for food- No No, I really can't promise this. I take it back - this is just to hard for me to do.... (sorry Momma)

From Buddy:

6. In 2010, I Buddy will not escape the yard and go on a mad dash running around the neighbourhood endlessly, dashing in front of cars and worrying Momma to death that I will get run over or lost forever.

From Nikki:

7. In 2010, I Nikki will not bark endlessly in that high pitched bark when I think it should be supper time.

8. In 2010, I Nikki will not bark endlessly when outside and I see a person or another dog.

9. In 2010, I Nikki will finally learn to heel so I too can do Rally-O too.

And from all 3 of us doggies:

10. In 2010, we Casper, Buddy and Nikki promise that if we happen to break any or all of the above resolutions, we will look really really cute right afterwards and then give Momma lots of kisses and cuddles so she doesn't get too mad at us. ;)

Did any other doggies make any resolutions?