Saturday, 16 January 2010


Momma is so happy that she has tears in her eyes.

Why? Because Thor has been found and caught!

Thor is a New Hope Dog Rescue foster dog that got startled and bolted out of the yard that he was visiting over a month a half ago. Thor has been missing and on the run in Melfort, Saskatchewan Canada for 47 days and he was caught today!!!

Remarkably Thor is as healthy as ever! No frostbite- no weight loss. Paws and ears and everything else is just fine. This is just the best news ever!

Thor was seen may times during his 47 days on the run - sometimes even daily but he just didn't want to be caught. Some of those days were the coldest this year so far at -35 C (-31 F).

Thor's foster home made sure there were flyers everywhere in the town and told as many people as possible. They were not from this town so they had to leave but have gone back several times in attempts to locate and catch Thor.

The kind people of Melfort, Saskatchewan left food and water out for Thor and kept an eye out for him. New Hope and his worried foster home recieved many reports of sightings of Thor.

Many attempts we made to catch or lure him back him during his 47 days on the run. Today a Melfort couple was able to lure him into their backyard!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you also to everyone who has helped Thor to survive his little adventure!