Saturday, 12 May 2007

Buddy's Been Bad!!

Mama is very upset with Buddy lately because he's been running away from home to go and play on the busy streets. Mostly she's just worried that he's going to get run over, and he almost did today!!!

Mama saw him running across a very busy street and 3 cars almost hit him. Luckily, he wasn't hit but Mama almost started to cry as she watched! And Buddy didn't even notice he just kept on running.

You see Buddy loves the freedom of running free and fast. The rest of us doggies feel that the fenced yard is enough room to run around and play, and we don't feel the need to try to escape, but Buddy does.

He keeps making new escape routes and then goes running and running. (And he doesn't look both ways before he crosses the street.) So Mama will block up one escape route and then Buddy being the resourceful terri-poo that he is will just make another escape route.

Today he jumped over the air conditioner and then dug a small hole under the fence and there he went- freedom again!! He was so happy, but Mama wasn't.

You should heard the words coming out of Mama's mouth when she realized this. Oh My Dogness!!!! :0 :0 They sounded like this %&@% and #&@$% !!!!

Anyways after almost getting run over today, Buddy now has to be on a tie out when he's outside in the yard. He seems okay with it, but we all know he's just bidding his time until his next chance to escape and go running! ;)