Sunday, 27 May 2007

We've Been Tagged!!

Simba King and Precious tagged us for 2 games. The 1st one is a list of 7 things you may not know about me and the second is a picture of me with another animal that has a funny caption. So here goes:

7 things you may not know about me:

1. I was adopted from an SPCA when I was already an adult dog.

2. When Mama took me home she had to teach me that it was okay to go into the house. The first time she had to carry me in, as it was clear that I had never been in a house before and was afraid of getting into trouble if I went in.

3. Mama also had to teach me how to jump up on the couch (so she could cuddle with me on the couch). I had never seen a couch before. Now she can hardly get me off of it!! She wonders what she was thinking!! LOL

4. I like to do fast counter- clockwise spins when I get excited at suppertime!

5. I can do my counter- clockwise spins while running from the kitchen to my food bowl in the bathroom.

6. I have to eat all alone in the bathroom :( because I wolf down my food and then always try to steal Buddy's and Nikki's food (and they let me, but Mama says gotta stop that as I'm getting fat)

7. I recently went into my first agility trial and got a "Q" (Qualifying run) and 1st place on my first run at my very first trial!! In the agility world that is a really big deal!!!!

Here's the picture of me and another animal with a funny caption:

" There's always some goofy dog thats gotta stick out his tongue and wreck the picture!!!

Lot's of doggies have been tagged already so we are gonna tag Tofu Burger who is new to DWB's.