Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Oh Where, Oh Where Is MY Frosty Paws???

Ok, so we've been hearing rumors of some dogs at DWB's enjoying tasty Frosty Paws treats like Wally who was seen reciting poetry while snacking on a tasty Frosty Paws!! (drool, drool)
So we asked Mama "Where is our Frosty Paws treat???" (drool, drool) "We've been good doggies" (I think). But alas... no Frosty Paws in sight.

So I put on my pouty look (didn't work)

So I called in Buddy for his best sad face :((
(no luck)
And Nikki tried her best "Pleassssseeee Mammaaa........." (to no avail)

So, then Nikki got mad
and gave Mama the EVIL EYE!!!
And I decided to EVIL EYE her too!!

So then Mama sent us to our crates :((
And now we are very sad because we still have no Frosty Paws. Tomorrow we might try to doogle ( or is it google?) to look for some Frosty Paws, but if any doggies out there know where we could get some or maybe a recipe we would be yippee skipppee happy if you could let us know!!!