Thursday, 24 May 2007

Some Bunnies For Simba

We saw on Simba's blog that he found a baby bunny that he really really wanted to keep but his mama wouldn't let him. So we thought we would show him about these bunnies living in a Reno, Nevada backyard. Here is the story:

March 19, 2007

Easter bunny needs a lasting home

They called it the Great Bunny Rescue of 2006. Last February, Utah-based Best Friends Animal Society undertook the biggest rabbit-rescue effort ever, second only to Katrina in terms of the resources the non-profit group had to devote to it. About 1,600 bunnies were living exposed to the elements in a Reno, Nev., backyard, hundreds of them sick and injured. And their numbers were steadily increasing, to the tune of about 50 newborns a day. (Happy ending? Yes - a thousand of the bunnies were adopted, and the rest went to a rabbit sanctuary in Michigan.)....

The story continues on here. And now for some pictures for Simba:

First is a picture of a bunny nest. Aawww - so cute!!!

Here is the yard where the bunnies lived.

These next 2 pictures are of bunnies at feeding time.

Holy bunny ears!!! Have you ever seen so many bunnies at once????? Simba I bet if you ask real nice you might be able to get just one of these bunnies for your very own pet!!