Tuesday, 12 February 2008

More About Poop, Another Agility Trial, and Having The Poop Scared Out Of Me

Hey Doggies,

Buddy reporting here,

Well last weekend was very interesting. We went back to the same city for another agility trial.
This time we didn't stay in a hotel. Momma said we were too loud last time, so we drove there, did the agility and then drove back all in one day. It was tiring, but Momma said it was better than last time because that time we kept her up half the night anyways due to our need to guard Momma and bark and growl at all potential noises. ( Huh, I don't think we were THAT bad!!)

Nikki came along to keep us company this time. Nikki only takes agility classes but she doesn't like to compete. She gets really nervous. Maybe she is picking up on Momma nerves at competitions? After one jump she will either sit down refusing to do anything for Momma or she trots off the course. I guess Momma figures that it costs enough money to enter 2 dogs in trials and that she won't push Nikki to trial if she doesn't like it. However Nikki does like to attend agility classes so she does do that and she comes to most agility trials to bark for us.

Well since we were in the same horse riding barn, I was beside myself with glee 'cause I could smell the horse poop again! They had cleaned it off the the course area, but I just knew they must have missed some, so I kept going off course to the back area in search of horse poop. As requested by Comet and BLU here is what I was looking for

(poop picture deleted- it's just too gross)

Don't tell Casper that I posted this picture on his blog as he would be very mad at me and he may even restrict my blogging privileges. However I can always sneak on to blog. Here is what Casper is doing now.

Too bad Casper- You snooze - You lose. Ha ha ha

Back to my story. Well apparently Momma was not impressed with my antics and little did I know she had told the judge that if I took off to the back area that they should scare me off. Well of course I went off course in search of poop and all of a sudden this CRAZY LADY came running at me, yelling , arms flailing all over. It was SCARY. I tell ya I went running back to Momma so fast and Momma says my eyes were WHITE and as big as SAUCERS. I stayed with Momma and did the whole rest of the course as she wanted me too. However I thought I detected a hint of laughter in Momma's face and voice so afterward I checked it out and found out that yes indeed Momma had set me up! Bad Momma! Bad, bad Momma!

So I gave her the "cold shoulder" / "doggie sneer"/ "I'm mad at you " look for awhile but I've forgiven her now.

So anyways that was our weekend. How was yours?
Woofs from Buddy