Sunday, 17 February 2008

A Valentine Card and Valentine's Pawty Fun!!!

Asta sent us this bootiful Valentine's Day card! Thanks Asta!!

The Valentine's Pawty was fabulous. I went with my bootiful date Amber- Mae Solid Gold Dancer. Wow-wee!! Didn't she look gweat!

Buddy, being the playdog that he is went around getting valentine kisses from all the bootiful girlie dogs.

Who did he get kisses from? He won't tell, but it was lots of pretty girlie doggies. He says if the girlie doggies want to tell that's just fine with him! In fact they can kiss him again on top of this page.

Nikki had a great time too. She didn't find her Valentine love, but had a great time. Asta took pictures of the weekend. Can you find the picture of us sledding?

What a wonderful weekend! Now we are going to have a rest.

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