Friday, 22 February 2008

Playing At The Off Leash Park

Hey doggies,

Did we ever have fun today! We just got back from the Off Leash Park. It warmed up today to about -10 C (14 F). It's been so cold here lately -30 to -40 C (or -22 F to -40 F ) for you American doggies. We haven't been out to play at the park for awhile. Momma finds the cold air bothers her asthma and us doggies find that our pawsies freeze when it is too cold!

But today it was sunny and nice out so off we went. We were so so so excited- Momma says we were extremely hyper!!! Barking and jumping up and running in circles once we figured out where we were going. Well you shoulda seen us. We ran and ran and ran and ran and then we chased and chased and chased each other all around the park. We would run away from Momma until we couldn't see her any more and then we could hear her call and we would come running back like the wind as fast as we could, 'cause we know Momma will give us each a treat if we run back really fast. And then Momma would say " Go run" and off we would go chasing each other once again and runing as far as we could go. It was pawsome!!

And now that we are home, we are all ready for a long snooze, then we will eat supper and we might even get to go to PetSmart tonight! We have a gift card to use. Well it was actually given to Momma, but we know all the stuff bought at PetSmart will be for us.

Hey doggies, what toys and treats should we buy? Any suggestions?

We will let you know what we get. We only have one thing to say.