Friday, 29 August 2008


Hi all doggies, kitties and hammies,

Sorry we are so slow at getting our lake pictures posted. Momma keeps saying something about work!! Work Shmurk!!! That's what we have to say!

(What do you mean that's how she keeps us in kibble and treats?? Really?? Okay.... I guess it's ok if she works ;) )

We went to Waskesiu Lake at Prince Albert National Park It was beautiful!!!

Here is where we stayed.

Nikki is that you peeking out?

We saw lots of different animals.
There was a Momma deer and 2 fawns that came into the campground everyday.
Nikki made sure to bark, bark ,bark to keep them away. Silly Nikki!

There was also a momma elk and a baby elk.
Our Momma was to slow to get a picture of the elk baby but she did get this picture of the momma elk.

There were lots of these crawling around too.
We accidently trampled one that crawled into our x-pen. Oops!

Momma took me to the beach with everyone else.
Buddy and Nikki had to stay home.
She said Nikki barks to much and Buddy runs away too much.
Dogs weren't supposed to be at the beach but I was very quiet and well behaved, except for shaking off all the water on me and getting everyone wet! Not my fault-Momma made me go in the water :(

Momma forgot to bring my lifejacket.
I'm not a very good swmmer and don't I really like being in the water, so they made a raft for me for float on.

I started to get a burn on my neck so I went into the shade.

See - my neck is pink!
Just kidding- the color from my red collar started to run so I had a pink ring around my neck for a few days. That's ok. I am secure on my masculinity as a boy dog!

Here is Buddy hanging out in the x-pen. He doesn't need a pillow. He just leans again the wire.

And here's Buddy after a walk. He looks tired!

Nikki went on a walk to the doggie beach.

But she lied down and refused to even get her pawsies wet. Momma didn't make HER go in.

Here we wait as all the 2 leggeds seem to be packing things up.

Are we REALLY leaving?

We are so sad to leave the lake!
But we will be back again next year!
We hope you enjoyed our lake pictures!