Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Why Was Momma Crying Today??

Momma was very sad today.


Because Meeko went away on a trial visit to what may become his new home. Momma and the other rescue people have been doing many e-mails and phone calls to each other to try to decide if this will be the right home for Meeko. Momma says there are some concerns but they are going to give the interested adopters a try to see how it goes with Meeko. The trial period for adoption will go on until August 29.

If it works out he won't be coming back which is both good and sad. Good for Meeko to finally find a forever home and sad for us too 'cause we will miss him (especially Momma and Nikki who both liked Meeko alot). Buddy and I (Casper) just tolerated him.

Momma said this was the hardest it has ever been for her to give up a foster dog. Do you think this is because Meeko is an Eskie? We think so.

Momma has become so attached to Meeko and Meeko is definately attached to Momma. Meeko kept barking and pulling and trying to follow Momma when she left and that was pretty hard for Momma. That's when she started crying...

Don't worry, we are giving her doggie cuddles and Nikki is licking her tears. Momma is going to go visit Meeko tomorrow to drop off some of his favorite toys and see how he is doing. I'll post more once I hear.

Woofs, Casper