Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Momma Visited Meeko Today!

Momma went to visit Meeko today at his new home where he is on a trial adoption. She came back smiling and happy! She told us that Meeko was very excited to see her. Meeko was doing very well and was also very happy with his new owner too. He has been going on walks and playing alot with his new adopter too.

Meeko also got furminated which Momma said was really really needed.
Meeko was doing what Eskies sometimes do which is "blowing his coat" and yes clumps of his hair has literally been blowing off of him as he runs by!

It has happened to us sometimes too. Nikki blew her coat in May and I blew mine mostly in July but still am getting rid of alot now too. Of course Buddy doesn't do that cause he doesn't shed so he has to go in for haircuts every few months.

Anyways back to Meeko. We all decided that since Meeko loved our toys so much and we have so many (now you know what Momma spends her money on) that we would send some of our toys to go and live with him. So we picked out some toys that were his favorite while he was with us.

We sent the following toys with Momma to give to Meeko at his new place:

- the soft fleece pink floppy puppy stuffy that squeeks (we also have another one but we can't find it right now)

- the blue rope toy with a tennis ball attached at either end. Meeko likes to carry it around by the rope in the middle with the tennis balls left hanging.

- the plush tug toy with the soft red ball the end. Meeko likes to carry it around by the ball and bring it to people to play tug.

and most importantly...

- our beloved yellow duck stuffy that quacks and quacks when we chew on it. Okay, since we all love it so much Momma has promised us she will go and buy us another one!!

Here it is:

We hope Meeko is having fun with the toys!

Woofs , from Casper