Saturday, 16 August 2008


Hi DWB's friends,

Thanks for taking part in our Saskatchewan Quiz and thanks for so patiently waiting for the answers.

Here are the answers. Most doggies thought that the incorrect statement was #12 (horsehair dancefloor) or #13 (mountain used for the Oympics was built from garbage). However those both are actually TOTALLY TRUE!

Comet and Blu guess correctly that # 11 is incorrect and so are being awarded this:

Read below to find out more about all the statements.

1. Saskatchewan's population is over 1 million.

2. Saskatchewan's official motto is "The Land of the Living Skies"

True - it's even on our license plates.

and here is why:

photo by Neil Rawlyk
Click here

Whoa!!!! Scary!!! I found it on google images here

Can you see the puppy jumping? I found it in flicker.
It was from a Saskatchewan Land of the Living Skies photo album. Unfortunately I have lost the link.

Another SK photo- not mine.

3. The very first bird santuary in North America was founded in Saskatchewan.

See this link:
4. The highest temperature ever recorded in Canada was in Saskatchewan at 45 C / 113 F
True. This was in Yellow Grass and Midale on July 5, 1937
5. The coldest official recorded temperature in Saskatchewan is -57° C /-70.6 °F .
True. This was in Prince Albert on Feb. 1, 1893.
6. In Saskatchewan the only month that it has never snowed is July.
True. Momma remembers the year it snowed on June 1st - how depressing!!
Thank goodness it quickly melted. Snow in Aug is rare but it has happened.
7. Minnesota, USA may be known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" but Saskatchewan which is totally land-locked has over 100,000 bodies of water.
8. There is a lake in Saskatchewan in which it is impossible to sink.
True. This is Manitou Lake. It has the same properties as the Dead Sea.
See here
9. There is a place in Saskatchewan where scientists have located historic findings that date back older than the Great Pyramids of Egypt. These are Native Indian's tipi rings, stone cairns and a medicine wheel.
True. Wanuskewin Heritage Park. It is just a couple miles from where we live.
10. An almost complete set of dinosaur bones has been found in Saskatchewan. The bones are over 56 million years old.
True " Scottie" was found in Eastend SK.
11. Saskatchewan landscape is flat prairieland. In fact the common joke is: "Saskatchewan is so flat that you can sit on the porch and watch your dog run away for 3 days. ( Hey we gotta put some doggie stuff in here somewhere. ) LOL
False. Well we do have that saying here but actually Saskatchewan is 1/3 prairieland, 1/3 boreal forest and 1/3 settled land. We even have a desert area- the Athabasca Sand Dunes.
photo by SERM

Forest and rivers

photo by Neil Rawlyk

12. Saskatchewan has the world's only dance floor that is padded with horse hair.
True. It's is called Danceland and is located at Manitou Lake. The horsehair under the wood softens the spring of the floor making for a superior dancing experience.
photo by Al Mierau

13. Saskatchewan once needed a mountain for downhill skiing and since Saskatchewan is prairieland, tonnes and tonnes of trash were piled up into a mountain, covered with dirt and then snow. The Winter Olympics were then held on this 'trash mountain'. (Hey, we just had to add in the Olympics here too! )
Hard to believe but oh so true! Saskatchewan built this mountain for the 1971 Winter Olympics! See this
Hope you enjoyed our Saskatchewan Quiz and photos!