Sunday, 22 July 2007

Agility Fun !!

Hi doggies,
Did you know that we do agility? It is so much fun!!! Us doggies have been taking agility classes for a few years now. Here are some pictures of our people and doggie friends who competed at the 2006 AAC National Championships. It is only a dream of Momma's to someday take a dog to the AAC Nationals! Buddy and I are starting to go to local trials and even once in awhile we get some ribbons! Ribbons- can you believe it ??

Here is a picture of Buddy running like the wind at a Fun Match.

Here is Buddy jumping at his 1st trial (Sept/06). He got a 4th place ribbon. It also shows why his nickname is Muddy Buddy! LOL

This past April was my first ever agility trial and after being the "entertainment for the day" by doing ZOOMIES all over the place, it finally all clicked. What clicked you say? Well I was all zoomied out so I settled down and Momma did all the right things to show me where to go and guess what ? WE ROCKED!! It was in Jumpers and we got a 1st place ribbon and a 'Q'. That means I Qualifyied ( no faults and below the required time- and I was way below too!) Momma was so excited and she picked me up hugged and kissed me at the finish line and our agility instructor came running out to give us hugs too. It was awesome! Momma was so thrilled that she went out and bought us all new toys and treats too. Momma didn't ever think that she would get a Q with me 'cause I'm a ZOOMIE DOG. Humm .... maybe I should get more of those Q' never know what awesome things I might get for the next Q... ;)
Here is a picture of me with my ribbons

Well our agility trials since that one haven't been as exciting, but we still have tons of fun ! And lots of times I continue to be the official ZOOMIE Entertainment of the Day. If you do agility, let me know. I think we are turning into agility nuts! LOL