Monday, 2 July 2007

Joey Goes to New Foster Home

Hi doggies, our lastest foster dog Joey has gone to a different foster home, but it's just 1 block away so chances are we will still be seeing him sometimes. It's much much quieter around here now that he is gone . Not that Joey was loud ,but he managed to get all of the rest of us excited and wrestling and making lots of noise. Momma liked Joey alot but is happy 'cause she said it was just getting too nutty around here with the 5 of us. Joey had tons of energy , always wanted to play and succeeded in getting Nikki and Buddy all riled up and then Winnie and I would get in on it too. Momma was forever having to tell us to "settle down" and "that's enough" and stuff like "stop it!!- it's 3 in the morning". Anyways see ya Joey-we'll be looking out for you on our walks.

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