Thursday, 12 July 2007

Doogle Searches To My Blog

Okay so I checked out the Doogle (or is it Google?) searches that directed bloggers to my blog. I must say -very interesting...

1. The most frequent has been this picture ( 5 times) . Those Dooglers must think I'm a handsome guy!!

Or maybe they like my happy eskie smile!

2. +bad +behavior +"miniature american eskimo" - What!!! "bad behavior and American Eskimo" and they come to MY BLOG!!! Sorry dude, but you took a wrong turn on that Doogle thingy! No bad behaved doggies here (and don't you go askin Nikki either- she is a tattle-tail!!)

3. "fun adventures in canada for people and dogs" - alright this sounds good! We're fun and adventuresome too.

4. "shiba inu/husky"- they would have seen Max, our Shiba Inu/ Husky dog that we fostered. Momma says he was gorgeous.

5. saskatoon dog swim lessons- Hey cool !! Another doggie in Saskatoon is gonna learn to swim too. Maybe we'll see them at the doggie pool.

6. Casper, Canada- Someone looking for ME in all of Canada? I'm here!! Here I am! Woof woof, over here.

7. Casper inline Game- HUMM... confusing....a game named after me that people are standing in line for?? Or a bunch of Casper's standing in line for a game?? Dunno.

8. caspr d dog - Wrong number- you were probably looking for Casper D Dog but thanks for stopping by anyways.

9. CASPERS SAD - Hey, No I'm not!!! Check out my smile ....See doogle search # 1

Well that's it for my doogle searches. See ya doggies and GG