Friday, 20 July 2007

Nikki Steals Computer Away From Casper

Hello All Doggies and GG,

This is Nikki here. I have taken over the computer from Casper. Buddy and I have noticed a few things lately that we would like to discuss, so I tricked Casper and took over the computer .

There he is pouting. Ha haha ha ha ha... Ha haha ha ha ha...


Okay so here goes...

1. Casper HOGS the computer ALL the time.

2. It says 'Casper and pals'- but us 'pals' never get to post!! HUMMMFFFF!!

3. Even the Doofus gets his own day! ( Tanner Tuesday -and here' another TT)

4. New dogs to Dogs With Blogs (Sidka) are wondering if Buddy and I have our own blogs. The answer is no- Casper is to much of a Blog Hog!!

5. Buddy and I are Very Very Cute and we should get WHATEVER WE WANT!!

So we want every Friday to be "Family Friday" where us other doggie members of Casper's family get to blog ALL WE WANT !!! So we made Casper put up a poll at the top of our blog.

Okay so vote for us in our new Polll!!!!

Love Nikki