Friday, 17 August 2007

Family Friday!!

Hey doggies,
It's Buddy here. Yesterday was Family Friday but we are it posting today!! Momma says something about work and sleep . I say: "Momma get your priorities straight - THE FIRST FAMILY FRIDAY EVER- AND WE ARE A DAY LATE!!! What will my blogging audience think? They have been waiting breathlessly, or should I say pantlessly for my report on the Superdogs. (Hey doggies -not that kind of 'pantless'. I mean pantless as in how us doggies pant.)

And just so you know, Momma didn't take her camera so we have used pictures from the Superdogs website. Momma you got to start to get it together!!

So we were at a the local Exibition at a special booth for our Agility group, D & S Dogs Of Course. Momma's job was to hand out pamphlets and talk to people about agility classes. My job was to get all the pets and attention possible and to jump up on all the laps that I could. We were right beside the Superdogs show and so lots and lots of people and kids came up to pet me. Lots of people thought I was part of the Superdogs show, but Momma had to go and tell them the truth.

"No, we are here for the agility booth. Are you interested in agility?"


We got to watch 2 Superdogs shows. They did all sorts of fun stuff- high jump , long jump, racing each other running obstacle courses, and a game that was kinda like Musical Chairs, but was actually Muscial Dots. There were these big dots on the floor and the dogs and people had to walk around the outside of a line. Then when the music stopped the dogs had to run and lie down on one of the dots. The people couldn't go beyond the line. Of course there was one less dot that there was dogs.and one dog would be eliminated each time. It was really funny to see all the dogs scrambling and the people trying to get the dogs to go lie down on a dot.

The Superdogs I recognized were: Pot Roast, (the English Bulldog), Phyllis Diller, Earmuffs the(papillion) and Streak, who was in the Superdogs movie.

Pot Roast



There were also Superdogs from Saskatoon too: Brazen (a brindle mix), Sting (Dutch Shepherd), Charlie (black standard poodle), Sass (pug), and a few more too. Anyways, I know the ones from Saskatoon so it was very exciting to see them in the show.

I wanted to go up after the show to sniff noses and butts with the dogs, but Momma said "No". I guess that was for the children, and I had to get back to my job of being petted and fussed over while Momma talked to the people interested in agility. It was a ruff job but someone had to do it ;)

So to make me feel better Momma bought me a Superdogs bandana and a Superdogs leash. (Okay, so she also bought bandana's for Nikki and Casper too and we all have to share the leash- but don't tell them that !! )

So that'd my story of seeing the Superdogs. I was only there for 4 hours, but I was so tired afterwards that I slept and slept. Have any of you doggies or your people seen the Superdogs?