Thursday, 9 August 2007

The First Family Friday Ever!!

It's Nikki blogging here,
Hi everydog and GG,

We stayed up late till after midnight Thursday so we could usher in the First Family Friday!! Remember the vote came out at 55 % of doggies saying the rest of the family should be able to blog on Casper's blog - so here we are! And we are not gonna let Casper blog today at all!!!

Na na na na, Na na na na, Ha ha Casper, No bloggy for you today!!

Oh what's wrong Casper? Don't pout- you get all the other days of the week!

Hey Buddy here,

I'm gonna really LOVE this blogging thing. Guess what???? I get to go to the local exibition to sit with Momma at a special booth and hand out pamphets for agility. That's ' cause I'm the best behaved of all of us doggies (well not counting Winnie) but anyways guess what ??? This is So So Cool!!!! The SUPERDOGS are gonna be there!!

They are so famous! Maybe I'll even get to sniff butts with some of them !! I am sooo excited!!! I'm almost peeing myself with excitement . I'll report back on how it all went next Family Friday. See ya doggies all till then. Bet ya all can't wait til then huh?

Hi Doggies, Winnie speaking ( blogging). I'm actually tired and am heading to bed- too late for an old girl like me. Maybe I'll blog to you next week and tell you all about me then.

Winnie says " nite, nite doggies and GG!! Winnie's going to bed now."

Nikki says "bye bye"
Buddy says nitey nite- till next Family Friday- can't wait!!

Casper's still pouting...