Friday, 24 August 2007

Foodie Grocery Tag

We got tagged by Blue to do a list of 5 "must have" grocery items for us doggies and 5 must haves for Momma. So here are Momma's must haves:

1. Cheese- cheddar, mozza and especially feta!
2. Clamato juice- great with beer in the summer, vodka the rest of the year and alone anytime! (Oh no, Blue is gonna think Momma is weird. Blue hates Clamato juice -See Blue's hate list)
3. Tomatoes- especially local garden grown.
4. Pasta- any kind
5. Strawberries

And here are us doggies must haves:

1. "Pe-ner" bones- Okay they are actually called Bully Sticks, but we call them "pe-ner bones". If you know where they come from you will know why!
2. Enzadent Chews- good for doggies teeth and yummy!
3. Weiners- raw, used as treats for agility and obedience!
4. Cheese
5. Yogurt

So now we will tag Finnigan and Momma , and Simba, Momma and FF Daddy to do 5 grocery "Must Haves" each for the doggies and 5 for the humans.