Friday, 24 August 2007

It's Family Friday!

So that means one of us other doggies gets to blog rather that Casper. This week it's me Nikki blogging (can't you tell by my pretty pink colors?)

So yesterday I went to the V-E-T. They are very nice there, but you know what they did? They took away 4 of my teethies! Momma says that my teethies needed cleaning real bad and 3 teethies were rotten. ROTTEN - nothing about me is ROTTEN! So teethies went bye -bye yesterday. When Momma picked me up from the V-E-T, she was laughing at me. She said I wasn't myself. ( I ask-who else would I be?) Okay so I was a still a little "under the influence" you might say. They give out good drugs there so doggies are not in any pain. Today I am back to myself- barking and growling and keeping everyone in line. I still won't let Momma look in my mouth and I have to take anti-bark-otics, but I get them with peanut butter! Yummy !! And the anti-bark-otics won't stop me from barking!!