Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Here We Go Again- Eye Surgery #2

Hi doggies,

It's Nikki here. My eye was only healing good for 2 days after the first surgery and then it started to get bad again. It was watering alot and I started closing it again because it was bothering me. So the VET lady and Momma decided I needed the surgery again. Here is a picture of me last night after the second surgery. I still don't want to open my left eye.

I am very tired from the general anesthetic so all I want to do is sleep. Our new foster puppy keeps on trying to play with me. Momma has to keep her away from me so I could rest and keep my eye safe away from paws and teethies.
This time instead of Momma putting ointment in my eye 2-3 times a day, I have to go and spend each day at the VET place so they can put ointment in my eye every hour or so. Momma will take me there when she goes to work and pick me up after work each day.
We are hoping with the added eye ointment my eye will heal this time. The VET place is nice. They are very nice and I have a kennel where I have a prime spot to watch all the goings on all day long. It is actually a lot more exciting than staying at home while Momma is at work. The VET people say I am very well behaved ;) Of course I am!
I am even getting used to this cone too. It's been 9 days that I've been wearing it- but who's counting? Ha ha ha
I'll keep you updated on how my eye is healing.
Woofs, Nikki