Saturday, 31 January 2009

Nikki Sees the Doggie Optha-Molly-Just

Hi doggies,

Yes, I'm still wearing this cone.... (sigh)

This week I went to see the Doggie Opth-a-Molly-Just. Only her name wasn't 'Molly', I think it was 'Lynn'. Tell me, does that make her a Doggie Opth-a Lynn-a-Just???
Ha ha ha, I haven't lost my sense of humour....

Boy, did I ever get poked and prodded. First I was seen by the student interns and they did all sorts of tests on me. They looked in my eyes with lights and all sorts of different instruments, they measured my tears, and the pressures in my eyes. Then they dial-ated my eyes with drops and looked in my eyes again.

By this time I was freaking out. Squirmming and jumping back. I wanted out of there. My left eye is sore you know and they were all surrounding me. It was scary!

So they took a break and Momma held me and I started to feel better. After that I was okay and stayed pretty still for the rest of the tests. Of course then the Doggie Opth-a-Molly-Just Resident came in and then they dyed my left eye florescent green to make the eye ulcer show up better. They said the ulcer was even bigger than originally thought. Finally the actual Doggie Opth-a-Molly-Just came in to see us and she looked at my eye too.

The confirmed diagnosis is an indolent corneal ulcer which we already knew. The Optha-Molly-Just did another Striate Keratotomy but this time they were able to do it just with just a local a-nest-he-tic. This Optha-Molly-Just said she has an 80% success rate, so we are hopeful. We have to wait 2 weeks to see if it will heal.

When my regular VET looked at my eye afterwards she said that the Striate Keratotomy that was done was much more extensive than what my VET was able to do. Even Momma could see the grid of scratches on my eyeball! And they couldn't believe that it was done without a general a-nest-he-tic. Yikes! I stayed very still while they used a needle to scratch a grid of lines into my eyeball!

I go every day to the VET so I can get my eye ointment 4 times a day. Momma is making me be very careful. She won't even let me play with the other dogs! I'm kinda sad about that.

Well that's it. I'll keep you updated.
Woofs, Nikki