Monday, 12 January 2009

Nikki Goes To The V-E-T For Eye Surgery Tomorrow

Hi it's Nikki blogging here.

Momma took me to the V-E-T on Jan 3/09 because suddenly I wouldn't open my left eye. I was walking around with it closed all the time.

Casper and Buddy thought I was just winking at them but Momma knew better. This happened once before and I had to have eye drops and eye ointment which I HATED! Good thing that time it was only for about 5 days and it healed.

So Momma has been putting eye ointment in my eye twice a day. I do my best to struggle and fight. I try to make sure that no ointment gets in my eye and instead it gets all over Momma (LOL). However Momma always makes sure to get it in.

The V-E-T told Momma it should heal in about 4 days. Well it's been 10 days and although it's better it's still not healed.

So back to the V-E-T we went again today.

The V-E-T says I need to get some of the ulcer scraped off so it will start to heal. Apparently it can be done under a local a-nest-he-tic for a cooperative dog. There ain't no way I'm gonna be cooperative! No No No! I'm gonna struggle and fight them all I can!

So the V-E-T is gonna sed-ate me and try to do the procedure. Sed-ate that sounds yummy doesn't it? If the sed-ate doesn't work then they are going to put me under a total a-nest-he-tic.

I'm kinda worrried about that! You see, I had 2 tics this summer. I don't know if they were he-tics or she-tics but I didn't like them so I don't want any a-nest-he-tics at all.

Momma just gave me supper and then no more food or treats tonight. Momma also says I'm gonna take a break from agility. She wants to make sure my eye ulcer is all healed up before running around in the dirt again.

So cross your paws for me that my surgery goes well tomorrow!

Woofs, Nikki